Updates and releases

Happy 3rd birthday .art! Special pricing and the release of 9000+ reserved names

The current promotion of standard .art names is still 40% off for the first year, so be the .art-ist for only $10.47* before May 31, 2020!

Release of 9,000+ reserved domains

There is also something in store for business owners and global visionaries. The registry will be releasing an additional 9000+ high-demand premium domains on May 12, 2020 to coincide with its three-year anniversary. The release list consists of many three-letter names, as well as frequently used generic words. 

However, to fit within .art’s existing pricing tiers, these names will be sold significantly below market value. Gandi has been partnering with .art over the years and we want to share this exclusive offer with you.

Offer valid through May 2020!

Check the full pricing structure for .art on our dedicated information page.

Why register .art domains? 

In the current global health context that we face together, our work lives have been fundamentally challenged. The importance of digital presence for creatives and institutions is now more obvious than ever. 

Over the last three years, .art has been showing stable organic growth and remarkably high renewal rates. Over 70,000 domains have gone to creative personalities and institutions globally, including such prominent names as the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, funding platform Kickstarter, Ars Electronica Festival, and many others.

There are many ways to use a .art domain — as a unique digital identifier of belonging to the world of art for your project, an online business card, or to set up a redirect for marketing purposes. 

Seize this opportunity and be a .art-ist now!

*Price listed in USD.