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A Very Important Promotion: .vip & .work!

Do you have very important customers? Then don’t miss this promotion! Seize the opportunity and take advantage of this Very Important Promotion on .vip and .work before September 30, 2020

.vip domains

The abbreviation .vip is short for “Very Important Person”. As the name implies, this domain name is dedicated to  important customers. You can use this domain name to set up a page for special customers, and give them exclusive discounts that will make them feel special.

Pick a cool name for your .vip for only $10,63* before September 30, 2020!

See prices and conditions on the .vip info page.

.work domains

Short and easily understandable, .work is for everything to do with work or creation, in any industry. With .work domain names, you can set up an easy-to-remember email address or website address; in the mean time, it says more about you than common domains like .net or .com.

This promotion lasts for only 2 months, so get your .work for just $5,88* now!

See prices and conditions on the .work info page.

*Prices in USD. See individual price pages (linked above) for local pricing.