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Get a .eu domain for less than half price

From 30 April until 30 October 2020, .eu domain name creations will be only €4.70 rather than the usual €12.00.

Who should choose .eu as domain name?

Recognizable and trustworthy, the domain .eu has a solid reputation and identity thanks to the fact that registration of .eu domain names is restricted to people within the EU region, and protected by EU legislation and trade conditions.

Which means, compared to generic domains like .com or .net, .eu domain names are more suitable and useful for promoting activities, enterprises, or personal brands in Europe.

See the full pricing structure for .eu on our dedicated information page.

Who can register .eu?

Please be aware that as of 19 October 2019, the eligibility conditions for .eu domain names have changed.

The following categories of eligible individuals, companies, and other organizations will be:

  • citizens of the European Union, whether or not they are residents of the EU (new criteria)
  • individuals who are not citizens of the European Union (EU) but reside in an EU member state or one within the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • any company established in the EU or EEA (headquarters, central administration or home office)
  • any organization established in the EU or the EEA

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