Now re-opening to everyone: .place!

After two years, Donuts registry has decided to remove the registration restrictions on .place, effective as of June 1. Which means .place domain names are now available for anyone to register!

See the pricing and conditions on the .place information page.

Why register a .place?

The domain .place refers to a specific spatial concept, which can be used to express many different related ideas.

In addition to using a .place domain name as your brand’s domain name, or as an exclusive space for communicating between you and your fans, it can also be used for any industry related to a space, literal or figurative, such as a travel agency, real estate, restaurants, bars, and even furniture stores.

With every new generic top-level domain (gTLD) that pops up, it’s like a whole new frontier on the internet has opened up. What’s more, the .place domain is common and noticeable enough to be a keyword that increases traffic to your sites.

Find a comfortable .place: