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Gandi acquires Captain Domain monitoring service

Gandi pursues development of its product line aimed at enterprises by acquiring the domain name monitoring service Captain Domain, finalized in June, 2020.

A brand monitoring and protection service

Captain Domain lets companies monitor domain names and subdomains that use their specific brand name on the internet. This monitoring tool allows companies to detect illegitimate uses of their trademarks or possible threats to protect a business, its customers, and its employees, including phishing, the sale of counterfeit products, identity theft of a company’s officers in order to request fraudulent money transfers, etc.

Gandi: online brand protection expert

For 10 years, via its Corporate Services department, Gandi has been in the business of intellectual property management and online protection for a range of clients including key accounts, small and medium sized businesses, lawyers, and IP firms.

Monitoring, provided for many years as an outsourced service, as part of the acquisition of Captain Domain is in keeping with Gandi’s desire to provide enterprises with a full range of in-house services for protecting brands linked to domain names.

This new phase of development follows the arrival of new investors in 2019 to help Gandi grow through international expansion, recruitment of new talent, and thereby a strengthening of Gandi’s enterprise product line.

Strengths of this monitoring service


If a domain name contains a trademark or the name of a company, its owner is in most cases informed within 24 hours. This allows for rapidly taking the necessary defensive measures.


The service’s catalog grows as each new top-level domain or TLDs, sometimes referred to as “extensions”) is added to the market. Today, the service completely covers more than 1200 top-level domains that represent nearly 200 million domain names monitored daily.


Monitoring takes place on subdomains as well (the part of a site’s address before the site’s domain name).

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