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Get your .new domain now in GoLive!

The .new domain has now entered the GoLive phase as of Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific (16:00 UTC). In this phase, registrants can register any .new domain, but nonetheless have to comply with its registration policy. The registration price of .new domains is $452.13* per year at A rates.

To register .new domains, you need to

  • use them on action generation or online creation;
  • take users directly into the action generation or content creation flow;
  • reslove to the action within 100 days after registration;
  • agree to allow Google to verify your compliance with this usage requirement.

As a reminder, as with all domains from Google’s registry, .new domains must use the https protocol. Without https web forwarding, .new sites cannot be displayed in Google browsers (Chrome in particular).

To enhance the security of your site and protect users’ rights, Gandi provides SSL certificates for free with your domains for the first year.

Learn more: https://www.gandi.net/en/security

How can you use .new domains to let people know your business?

In our previous article, we discussed what makes a great domain name, one of the elements is to pick a short, simple, and memorable one.  Let’s take some interesting .new examples. The first one is resume.new: it’s easy to understand that this site is for creating your resumes; and then there’s pdf.new, this site can convert files in any format to pdf files; and the last one is box.new, where users can design boxes for different purposes according to their preferences.

Having just entered the GoLive phase, there are still plenty of great, short, .new domains available. Remember the tips in this article and choose a .new domain for your site!

Get a .new domain today!

*Price in USD