Updates and releases

Register your .nz before the end of September

The registry for .nz has informed us of a price increase on .nz domain to take place on September 30, 2020 at 12:00 UTC. This increase will be reflected in our pricing grid accordingly.

The new sale price at Gandi (Grid A) for .nz domains will be:

  • For creations: $24.14* per year (current price: $24.00*)
  • For renewals: $24.14* per year (current price: $24.00*)
  • For transfers: $20.46* per year (current price: $21.00*)

Why you should get a .nz domain?

Are you running a business in New Zealand? Are you a “kiwi” far from home? Or have you visited New Zealand and been in love with this beautiful country since ever since? Whoever you are, a .nz domain just might be the perfect name for your site! Using .nz domains can improve your site’s or blog’s SEO ranking and relevance.

Seize this last chance to benefit from a lower price! Get your .nz domain today:

*Price listed in USD.