Updates and releases

Wave your pride flag, .gay domains are open to everyone!

Now available at the standard price, .gay is in the GoLive phase! Starting September 16, 2020 at 11:00 AM Pacific (15:00 UTC+0), .gay domains will be available for all for $47.87* per year at A rates.

See the full pricing structure for .gay on our dedicated information page.

What you can do with .gay domains?

Wave the pride flag online too! A .gay domain can be associated with any international organization, social movement, human rights organization, or the LGBTQ community more generally.

If you would like to find a domain for your LGBTQ organization, considera .gay domain instead of a .org. If you are creating an association to support the LGBTQ community, then you can use a .gay domain for the address of your webpage.

And be aware that this domain is subject to a broad policy to protect individual rights and to report any content that could be prejudicial against LGBTQ people or the LGBTQ community, and will remove offending content or offending sites in their entirety.

Choose a .gay domain today: 

*Prices listed in USD.