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Apply configuration templates in just few clicks!

When you have more than one domain name, you might need to configure their settings every so often, whether that’s DNS records, or nameservers. Making this kind of update domain by domain can be tedious, and can lead to mistakes. To make these changes en masse quickly, safely, and easily, try using Gandi’s configuration templates.

What’s the advantage of using “configuration templates”?

With “configuration templates,” you won’t need to edit your DNS records or configure your settings each time you register or transfer new domain(s). You can simply apply existing configuration templates to all of your domain(s) in a few clicks, and without mistakes during the creation process.

Please note that configuration templates can also be used on domains of your existing portfolio.

Don’t know how to apply your configuration templates to all your domains? 

Check out our tutorial!

How do I manage my configuration templates?

Besides letting your apply and manage configuration templates at any point in the lifecycle of your domain (registration, transfer, bulk updates from your domain list), Gandi offers a dedicated interface where you can create, see, update, and delete your configuration templates. That way, you can have an overview or per-organization view of all the templates you have access to and create new templates for future use.

First, login to your Gandi account and click on the “domain” menu on the left,

Next, click “Tools” in the menu at the top. You’ll see “Default contacts” and “Configuration templates”:

And click on “Manage” under “Configuration Template”. That will take you to the “Configuration Template Management” page. 

Finally, choose the organization you want to manage, and you’ll see the templates under the organization you chose.

Configuring your domains one by one can be a pain. That's where templates come in.

We’ll also be making another tutorial video for advanced users explaining what you can find in “Tools.” Stay tuned!