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All this year, .shop is on sale

In 2021, take advantage of this one year promo on .shop! You can register a .shop domain name for just $9.99* for the first year, and then pay the regular price of $49.95* per year after that. This promo lasts until December 31, 2021!

See the prices and conditions on the dedicated .shop page.

Why register a .shop domain name?

The global pandemic is still raging, and many areas are still under lockdown. E-commerce has gotten bigger than ever. According to recent reports, during the pandemic lockdown, e-commerce has come to represent 40% of sales. As a result, if you sell products and you already have a store, it’s time to bring your shop online with your a .shop domain name.

Here’s why:

  • Changes in consumption habits (consumers are making more purchases online)
  • [your-business].shop is less cliché than other common domains
  • A short, meaningful domain name can contribute to and improve your visibility online and your search engine ranking

If you don’t have an online store yet, you can also create your first e-commerce site at Gandi! For your first Simple Hosting purchase, we’re offering 50% off the first year! Click here: https://www.gandi.net/en-US/simple-hosting/prestashop

Seize the opportunity to buy a .shop at a reduced price and register a good domain name before someone else does!

What’s the name of your .shop?

*Prices in USD