Updates and releases

Both .archi and .ski are on promo!

From April 26 through May 16, 2021 at 2:59 PM Pacific (21:59 UTC), you can register your new .archi or .ski domain name for just $24.00* for the first year (in pricing grid A).

You can find the full price in all currencies and pricing grids as well as registration conditions on the dedicated information pages for each domain ending:

  • .archi (standard price: $80.33* per year)
  • .ski (standard price: $55.52* per year)

Why get a .archi or .ski?

For architects and architecture firms, .archi is the best way to promote your online business since .archi is specifically dedicated to architects and architecture-related organizations.

Using a relevant domain name can improve the visibility of your site and can help your targeted audience find you more easily.

As its name indicates, .ski is dedicated to activities related to skiiing. If you sell ski equipment, for example, if you rent out vacation homes in mountain areas, or if you’re just passionate about skiing and want to share your love of skiing on a blog, a .ski is a great choice for your website.

General conditions

The .archi domain ending is reserved for professional architects and registered architecture firms as well as members of the International Union of Architects and organizations linked to architecture appearing on the list specifically defined by a consultative committee on policy related to architecture.

There is no restriction for registering .ski domain names. Anyone who is interested in this domain ending may have one!

Take advantage of these promotional prices on .archi and .ski while they last!

*Prices in USD.