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Get your .cfd domain names, now available in GoLive!

Now available at the standard price, .cfd is in the GoLive phase! Starting April 20, 2021 at 8:00 AM Pacific (15:00 UTC), .cfd domains are available for all for $47.87* per year at A rates.

See the full pricing structure for .cfd on our dedicated information page

What you can do with a .cfd domain name?

An abbreviation for “Clothing Fashion Design”, .cfd is dedicated to the fashion industry and related industries. Having a short, simple, and memorable domain name for your website is a critical element of building your brand’s image online.

Do you have your own online fashion brand? Or you are planning to promote your online clothing business? Whether you are a fashion designer, blogger, or influencer, get a .cfd domain for your site to attract your taget audiences!

Get your .cfd domains today!

*Prices in USD.