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Six domains on promo starting April 1

The domain registry Donuts  is offering a springtime promotion on 6 of the domain endings they manage.

Starting April 1 and going through May 31, 2021 at 2:59 PM Pacific (21:59 UTC), you can register any of below domain names for less!

Please note that this promotion is for the first year of a new domain name, with the regular price being charged for every subsequent year.

Regular prices are listed in parentheses:

  • .services $7.99* (regular price: $40.26*):
  • .studio $9.99* (regular price: $30.76*):
  • .consulting $19.99* (regular price: $41.21*):
  • .academy $19.99* (regular price: $41.21*):
  • .education $14.99* (regular price: $26.96*):
  • .group $9.99* (regular price: $16.50*):

Gandi reserves the right to discontinue, modify, shorten, prolong, or cancel the transaction, particularly if the smooth administrative and technical processing of the transaction is disrupted by unauthorized, external interference or any other cause outside of the control of Gandi.

*Prices in USD. See individual price pages (linked above) for local pricing.