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How do you use the Whois domain name database?

ICANN regulations require that information about the owners of all generic top-level domains (also known as extensions or domain endings), must be displayed in the Whois database. However, as users have become more concerned about the privacy of their personal data, and due to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Whois information for all domain names registered with Gandi is hidden.

In order to protect the private data of our customers and in accordance with the regulations mentioned above, all personal data in our “Whois” tool, particularly the first and last name of the domain name owners, are hidden.

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Protect your personal data online now, in just a few steps!

This anonymization setting is activated by default on your account, but you can also choose to deactivate and reactivate this option. See how to configure it and how it works!

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Now you know where to find this service in your Gandi v5 dashboard. Don’t forget to verify your domain name settings in order to avoid your personal data getting published online.

For more information on private Whois registration, feel free to read about it in our online documentation.