What’s new these past few months with Gandi’s web hosting?

More apps available for “1 click” installation with your Gandi hosting

You can now install two new applications in one click on your Simple Hosting instance: Matamo and Grav CMS.

Automatic Matamo installation on your Simple Hosting instance

Matamo is the professional opensource traffic monitoring tool par excellence. It’s especially useful for sites with a lot of traffic, or even agencies who may want a centralized tool for monitoring and analyzing traffic on several sites.

Grav CMS automatic installation on your Simple Hosting instance

The second tool we recently added was Grav CMS. Grav CMS is a Flat file CMS that relies solely on a file hierarchy instead of a database. It allows you to optimize load times by generating and presenting to the visitor static content. Grav CMS has an administrative interface and image editor to facilitate your work, and supports a large community that offers numerous additional plugins.

The advantages of Gandi Simple Hosting

In total, here are the five applications we’ve optimized the installation for on your Gandi Simple Hosting instance.

  • WordPress: the most widely used CMS in the world
  • Prestashop: the specialty e-commerce CMS for implementing professional online shops
  • Nextcloud: the file storage and collaborative work solution for associations and small and medium businesses
  • Matomo: the advanced website traffic monitoring tool!
  • Grav CMS: the CMS without a database, powerful and easy to use

Check them out in your Simple Hosting instance.

Gandi’s Public API for Simple Hosting continues to grow

While Gandi’s RESTful API is sill in beta for now, the number of methods available for Simple Hosting continues to grow.

From the public API, you can:

  • list your instances and get information about them
  • on an instance, list vhosts (sites) and get information about them
  • on an instance, create a new vhost (site), and link it directly to your domain name
  • on an instance, install a “1-click” application on one of your vhosts
  • activate the SSH console of an instance

That way, in just two API calls, you can automate the deployment of a WordPress site using a Simple Hosting instance.

Read more about available API methods

The latest versions of languages and databases

When creating a new isntance, you can choose the latest version of languages and databases available.


  • PHP 8.0
  • Python 3.9
  • Node.js 14
  • MySQL 8.0
  • PostgreSQL 13

Developments still to come

In the coming months, we’ll be working on several new features:

  • Sharing features that facilitate access to your instance for customers and third-parties
  • A new application available for “1-click” installation
  • Solutions for your static sites

Feel free to share with us your needs as the Simple Hosting platform continues to evolve by leaving a comment on this article!

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