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Taiwan Trademark Association hosts event about domain brand protection mechanisms

The Taiwan Trademark Association (TTA) organized an event about domain protection mechanisms for brand owners on May 5, 2021 in Taipei. At the event, Gandi introduced the responsible players (ICANN, registries, registrars) as well as our services to protect brands. Besides Naima Hsu from Gandi, speakers included Kenny Huang (CEO of TWNIC, .tw Registry) and attorney Chung Wen-Yueh (senior partner at Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law).

What is the Taiwan Trademark Association?

The Taiwan Trademark Association (TTA) was founded in 2020 with the mission to establish brand management mechanisms and to assist brands in reducing their legal risks. They are also committed to building an international exchange system that connects relevant groups in various countries or regions. With more than 150 members, Gandi has been a founding member and is represented with a director inside the association.

Visit their website to learn more about them.

TTA Executive Secretary – Lawyer Ann Lai

Topics at the event

1. Gandi: Brand Protection for domain name owners. Best practices and case studies

2. TWNIC: Rights Protection Mechanisms Review TWNIC

3. Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law: Domain name dispute and case studies

1. Naima Hsu: Brand Protection for domain name owners. Best practices and case studies

We highlighted what happens when a domain name is not reachable, such as loss in sales and inability to send or receive emails. As every top level domain name (i.e. .COM, .TW, .LAW) has its own registration rules, possible local presence or other requirements, our team of Gandi Corporate Service can help brands to navigate within the different rules and restrictions.

We highlighted that phishing websites and cybersquatting cases are a persistent problem on the internet which affects everyone and lead to confusion of customers and can diminsh the confidence in a brand.

After explaining the basics of the dispute mechanisms (UDRP & URS) we gave an introduction  to the Trademark Clearning House (TMCH) which was established so trademark owners can register their brand in early launch phases of a top level domain (such as .BEAUTY or .MAKEUP in 2021).

Analyze the best chance at getting a newly released domain.

We also shared several examples on how our domain monitoring service can help to get notifications whenever we detect any suspicious domain names.

Naima Hsu from Gandi

2. TWNIC: Rights Protection Mechanisms Review

TWNIC explained that TWDRP is based on UDRP, which aims to deal with .TW or the IDN .台灣 domain name disputes and offers a fast and effective resolution mechanism.

The cases covered under TWDRP cover the typical misuses such as using another individual or brand name or trademark, business activities or trademark variants.

TWNIC maintains a neutral role, and only provides the court with relevant information about domain names and cancels or transfers disputed domain names according to the outcome of these procedures. 

Decisions and an introduction to TWDRP can be found here:

Kenny Huang (CEO of TWNIC, .tw Registry)

3. Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law: Domain name dispute and case studies 

Attorney Chung Wen-Yueh explained in detail on three different cases to explain the claims from the complainants and the registrants as well as the resulting judgment.

Of 12 cases which went to court in 2020, ten domains were transferred and two were cancelled. In most cases the plaintiffs can win a domain name litigation if they own a registered trademark. The presentation provided a lot of details concerning the litigation process, the definition of malicious registrations and usage of such domain names.

Attorney Chung Wen-Yueh (senior partner at Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law)

The importance and benefits of Domain Monitoring

Our Domain name monitoring helps to detect potential phishing scams and other malicious activities early. Having the right domain name strategy can boost your customers’ trust and confidence in your company by avoiding confusion due to squatted domain names.

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