Getting started

What is Web Forwarding and why would you need it?

When your website moves, you may want to keep the residual traffic from your previous site address and transfer it to your new site. In that case, you’ll need to use what’s called “web forwarding.” Web forwarding can help you keep that search engine ranking you’ve fought so hard to build over the years.

But what exactly is web forwarding and why should you use it? We explain it all to you here!

How to set up web forwarding

For all domain names registered at Gandi, we offer 2 free 3 GB mailboxes and free http and https web forwarding. You can set it up in just few clicks from your Gandi v5 control panel.

Check out our new video to learn more:

Moving your website to another address can be easy. Follow our instructions step by step, and it will just take a few minutes to complete! 

You can also find more details in our documentation:

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