Getting started

Keep your domain names secure with DNSSEC!

There are many online threats nowadays, and DNS attacks are one of them. Domain names that aren’t protected with DNSSEC are vulnerable to be attacked, which can easily cause visitors to link to the fake websites.

That’s why we recommend you activate DNSSEC for your domain name(s) so that your DNS responses are verified and your DNS records can’t be forged.

Read more about what DNSSEC is!

Activate DNSSEC in just one click at Gandi!

On our platform, if you use our LiveDNS name servers, you can activate DNSSEC in just one click on supported domain endings. Check out our latest video and follow our instructions step by step:

And if you don’t use Gandi’s nameservers but you want to enable DNSSEC on your domain name, you must generate your keys first. Read our documentation to know how to install DNSSEC on your domain names with external name servers.

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