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New second-level .tr domain names now available at Gandi

Businesses in Turkey or with ties to Turkey have more choices at Gandi now that we’ve introduced six new Turkish SLDs (second-level domains):

  • .av.tr
  • .bbs.tr
  • .bel.tr
  • .biz.tr
  • .dr.tr
  • .edu.tr
  • .gen.tr
  • .gov.tr
  • .info.tr
  • .k12.tr
  • .name.tr
  • .net.tr
  • .org.tr
  • .tel.tr
  • .tsk.tr
  • .tv.tr
  • .web.tr

See the dedicated .tr page

What is an SLD?

SLD stands of “second-level domain.” The “first” or “top” level is the domain ending you’re used to: .com is the most common. Adding a dot means adding a level, so a domain ending with two dots (that is, with one more term in it) is a second-level domain or SLD. The most well known SLD is probably .co.uk, but many other countries’ country-code TLDs offer SLDs and there are some ccTLDs, including .tr, that you can only buy under an SLDs.

Why register a .tr SLD

Having a .tr SLD helps you show your connection to Turkey. If you do business in Turkey, have an audience there, or have a connection to Turkey, a .tr SLD is a great way to signify that to your website visitors.

Previously, only .com.tr was available at Gandi, but now with this new set of SLDs, your options with .tr are much wider. You can now say a little more about what you’re using your site for with these SLDs.

For example, .tv.tr could represent Turkish television, or it could represent that you have a vlog about or related to Turkey. Or a .biz.tr could show that you’re doing business in Turkey.

If you have a .com.tr already, getting it in these other SLDs can also help prevent cybersquatting.

Special conditions

You can register a .tr SLD domain name for $190.00* per year at A rates.

Anyone with a significant connection to Turkey can register a .av.tr, .bel.tr, .dr.tr, .edu.tr, .gov.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr, or .k12.tr.

This restriction does not, however, exist for .web.tr, .bbs.tr, .biz.tr, .gen.tr, .info.tr, .name.tr, .tel.tr, .tsk.tr, and .tv.tr, which are open for anyone to register.

To register these domain names, you’ll need access to Gandi Corporate services. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to your account representative or contact Gandi Corporate Services at corporatecontact@gandi.net.

*Price in USD.