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It’s time to get sporty: .rugby is now available in GoLive!

Starting July 1, 2021, at  8:00 AM Pacific (15:00 UTC), .rugby is entering the GoLive Phase, meaning it will soon be possible for anyone to registrer a .rugby domain name at the normal price of $76.82*.

*See the full price structure for .rugbyon our dedicated information page.

What is .rugby and why register a .rugby domain name?

As one of the major sports around the world, .rugby is a sport-centered domain name which brings rugby enthusiasts and professionals together online, including fans, clubs, players, coaches, or even sponsors.  

Having a short, smart, and cut-to-the-chase domain name for your website not only helps you create an international rugby-based community, but also will bring your company website’s online image up on a whole new level!

Don’t wait to get your .rugby domain name!

Once .rugby enters the Golive phase, these domain names will be available to register on a first come, first served basis. Anyone can get a .rugby domain name with no strings attached. So the sooner you act, , the greater the opportunity to get a perfect domain name for your site!

Register your .rugby domain now!

*Prices in USD.