Updates and releases

June 2021 release note — What’s new in our interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

Welcome to Gandi’s release note for the month of June! We’re taking a look at the latest improvements, fixes, and implementations of new features developed this month to improve your experience.

This month’s new releases:

A new tool for applying configuration templates

Configuration templates enable you to apply a single configuration to several domain names. Now, you can:

  • Easily apply a configuration template
  • See information about the configuration template that will be applied to your domain name
  • Access configuration file settings to verify what applies to your domain name

Now you can export your list of SSL certificates

Already an option for other lists in our application, you can now export a list of your SSL/TLS certificates in CSV format.

Manage your volumes in GandiCloud VPS

We added management features for your volumes, including:

  • a new tab on the server detail page, in order to display all volumes attached to a given server
  • a volume detail page that will soon be further improved with actions,
  • attach and detach a volume to or from a server

New prepaid account history

View all operations related to your prepaid account from a single list.

Every operation will have a document attached to it. That way you can more easily check your invoices and your receipts.

This list will be soon be updated with new features, like the ability to filter and sort your operations.

Expanded public API documentation

We have added a section in our public API documentation with appendices. There, you’ll find useful information, like:

  • Additional domain settings
  • Additional contact settings
  • Country codes

This information is particularly useful when registering or transferring domain names.

Bug fix in shopping cart persistence

A new, more efficient shopping cart has been deployed across the entire platform since the beginning of the year.

We had discovered a problem with the persistence of the shopping cart in certain disconnection scenarios, which we have now fixed.