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Which web hosting solution is right for you, according to your needs?

There are several types of web hosting out there, each of which meets a different set of needs. Whether you’re looking for a reasonably priced hosting solution for your blog, a more comprehensive hosting solution for your commercial activities, or a hosting solution for developing a mobile app or software-as-a-service (SaaS), the perfect hosting solution for you is out there!

Before choosing your hosting solution, you should ask yourself a few questions first. What type of user are you and what is the project you’re looking to host? If you’re an individual looking to create a personal blog, your needs will be different from a large business selling products en masse on their website, and that means you’ll likely have different needs when it comes to web hosting as well.

Which hosting solution is best for your project?

Before all else, who you are and what your project is will determine your web hosting needs. There are, in fact, several types of hosting. The way in which you’ll be using your website will vary according to your specific goals. And the type of hosting you’ll need will also depend on your website. So, let’s figure out what your needs are so that you can know which hosting type is right for you.

1. Web hosting for a showcase website

Are you an individual or a blogger who wants to create a site for your own personal use, to put your résumé or CV online, or a personal blog where you write about your interests? Or maybe you’re a business looking to launch a simple showcase website that presents your products or services?

You’ll need a tool that’s ready to use, easy to master, and reasonably priced. You won’t want a hosting solution that’s overpowered and you also won’t want to spend endless hours developing your website.

The perfect fit for this situation is our Simple Hosting WordPress hosting service. WordPress is the most widely used hosting solution on the planet when it comes to creating websites, and you can quickly launch and customize your site with it. We recommend getting a size M pack, but you can change the size of your instance to adjust for differences in traffic at any point.

Choose a domain name + hosting + WordPress pack and take advantage of a 12 month introductory offer: 50% off hosting with a free .fr domain!

2. Web hosting for an online sales site

If you’re an individual or a business and you want to launch your online shop in order to sell products or services online, you’ll need a relatively powerful hosting solution in order to manage a catalog composed of a large number of products and a relatively high amount of traffic. Also, you’ll need to have a certain flexibility, for example, to be able to modify the amount of resources dedicated to your hosting at any moment.

If this describes you, the hosting you need is Simple Hosting Prestashop. Prestashop is a world leader in e-commerce solutions. Launched in 2008, this solution is powerful enough to manage your product catalogs and increased customer traffic. And it’s now just a click away. We recommend a size L pack, but you can change the size of your instance at any moment to accomodate higher traffic.

The Gandi + Prestashop + .fr domain name combination is THE solution to build your successful online business. Take advantage of this 12-month introductory offer: 50% off hosting and a free .fr domain name!

3. Web hosting for an application or an e-commerce site

If you’re a web agency or a business and you want to launch a web application, deploy an e-commerce site, host containers, or even launch an SaaS-type service, what you’ll need is to create a server, develop your container infrastructure, design your own e-commerce shop, or launch your SaaS online, and the previous hosting options aren’t enough.

If you can manage a Linux server, we recommend one of our VPS servers, that will adjust perfectly to your needs and help you manage your infrastructure yourself.


Now you know what questions you’ll need to ask before choosing a hosting solution. Of course, these categories are not exhaustive. When comparing hosting options, there are many questions that may arise that we don’t have room to discuss here (for example, the difference between shared IP addresses and dedicated ones). If you want a personalized answer, feel free to comment on this post and we’ll reply as soon as possible. You can also contact our Customer care team and our experts would be happy to help guide you to the best choice for you.