Every GandiCloud VPS server comes with a storage volume of 25GB. It is now possible to increase the size of this volume, it is even possible to create new volumes to associate with your servers.

Expanding your volume on GandiCloud VPS

On GandiCloud VPS, the initial volume of a server is 25GB. While this may be enough to perform tests or to set up simple uses (such as hosting a showcase website), this space can quickly become restrictive when you want to set up more sophisticated programs.

Therefore, you can increase the size of a volume up to 1TB. This takes a few seconds and can be done without shutting down your server.

Two clarifications remain necessary :

  • Once you increased your volume on the interface, you will need to expand the file system in your server.
  • Increasing the size of a volume is permanent and can not be undone. It is impossible to decrease the size of a volume.

Adding up extra volumes on GandiCloud VPS

If the size 1TB is not enough, you can attach extra volumes in order to increase the storage space of your server GandiCloud VPS.

Just like for the expansion, creating a new extra volume can take a few seconds. Its size can be increased up to 1TB max as well. 

The increase of an extre volume is permanent and can not be undone.

Once the volume has been created, you only need to associate it to the server of your choice and to connect to it in order to set up the mounting point.

Managing your volumes from the interface, through the CLI or API Openstack

On GandiCloud VPS, managing your volumes and your storage is quick and easy from the interface, as you can see above. But it’s also pretty easy to do from the command line!

If your CLI access is set up to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) and the Openstack public API, you can then complete the operations of creating a volume, attaching to a server, or expanding an existing volume, with only a few commands. 

Prices of GandiCloud VPS

Whatever the volume (delivered with the server, or extra volume), the billing basis is the same. The Go is charged $0,09/month. So, for a volume of 100GB, $9,00€/month.