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With DNS Snapshots, don’t worry about losing your DNS records again!

When you register a domain name at Gandi, you might notice our LiveDNS service, where you can find your DNS records section and modify them as you see fit. But before you do that, you should know that DNS records actually include several types and each of them serves a different purpose. If you try to change your DNS records, a simple error could cause your website or other online services to break. That’s why we created our “DNS Snapshot” feature!

One step to restore your DNS records with DNS Snapshots!

When making multiple changes to your DNS records, you might lose settings or make a mistake. On your domain name management page, you can easily take a DNS Snapshot and restore your DNS settings from a previously saved state. Our domain expert shows you how in our latest video!

And that’s how simple it is to take a DNS snapshot and restore the previous settings on your Gandi domain name page!

You’re just one click away from securing your domain name! Read our previous article to learn about DNSSEC!

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