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How to restore a domain name from your user account

Understanding the lifecycle of a domain name is key to managing a domain name. What happens once you register a domain name? Which stage is your domain in right now? What will happen if you don’t renew your domain name on time? This chart gives you a clearer picture of the domain name lifecycle:
Let’s take .com as an example. For every registration, there’s an expiration date. Once the expiration date has passed, you still have 45 days to renew your domain name before it enters the redemption period. The redemption period only lasts 30 days, during which time you won’t be able to renew your domain name, but you will be able to restore it, which implies paying a much higher price than a regular renewal. At the end of the lifecycle, the domain name will be released into the market for anyone to register. And for each registration you make, the lifecycle starts all over again.

Just one click to restore your domain

If your domain name has passed the expiration date, there’s still a chance to restore it during the redemption period. In today’s video, we’re going to show you where you can find restorable domains and how to restore them from your user account.

Great! You’ve learned how to restore a domain and what the domain name lifecycle looks like. One last suggestion for everyone who purchases a domain name: we strongly advise you to always enable the automatic renewal on the domain name — a simple solution that will save you all this trouble! Like and subscribe to our Gandi YouTube channel for more tutorials like this!