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Live your best life with our special sale on .live and .life domains!

Starting 31 July 2021 10h00 (Paris) through 31 December 2021 10h59 (Paris), you can .live your best .life by registering a .live or .life domain for only $3.99* for the first year!

Check the full pricing structure for .live and .life on our dedicated information page:

.live: https://www.gandi.net/en/domain/tld/live

.life: https://www.gandi.net/en/domain/tld/life

Why register a .live or .life domain name?

You can use a .live or .life domain name for a wide variety of websites. If you do live-streaming, perform live music, or stand-up comedy, or if you’re going on a live tour, you can use .live for your page to share news, announce your next stops, or sell tickets.

If you’re a blogger who writes about your life experiences, or a video content creator sharing your daily life, you might have a bunch of different life hacks you’d like to share with the world. Register a .life domain name to start your blog or vlog website and share your wisdom with the world!

And keep in mind that for every domain name registered at Gandi, we offer 2 free mailboxes with 3 GB of storage and a free SSL certificate to secure your website.

Find your perfect .live and .life domain names and start the next chapter!

*Prices in USD.