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One month promo on .it, .es, and .at!

Sick of staying at home? Let’s go on a little online road trip around Europe! Take advantage of our promo on 3 different country code domain endings starting 31 August 2021 10h00 (Paris) until 30 September 2021 09h59 (Paris) and register a .it, .es, or .at for less!

Each of these three country code domain endings corresponds to a different country in Europe: .it is for Italy, .es is for Spain, and .at is for Austria. Do you have a local business presence, want to create an online shop, or do you just want to create a blog in one of these three countries? Choose .it, .es, or .at to improve your brand image online, build the confidence of your customers in your business, and associate your website with a specific audience.

Don’t forget that there are different registration conditions for country code domain names. You can find the details on the dedicated info pages for each domain ending (links below).

These promos are valid for the first year registration of a domain name, with the standard price billed for each subsequent year. The standar price is indicated in parentheses.

.it: $8.00* ($16.00*)

.es: $8.00* ($16.00*)

.at: $12.50* ($25.00*)

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