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Take your website .global for ONLY $19.99 now!

Build your .global website today! Starting today through 31 December 2021 10h59 (Paris), you can register a .global domain for only $19.99* for the first year in Grid A! This special price is limited for the first year of registration and the regular price will be charged for every subsequent year.

See the prices, terms, and conditions on the dedicated .global page.

Why should you register a .global domain?

A domain ending that combines all the best qualities of a perfection domain name — short, smart, easy to remember — .global also gives everyone a clear image of your website or business at the same time.

And the good news is, .global is open to everyone, anywhere without any limitation. Whether you want to expand your e-commerce website worldwide, write about your insight into global events on your blog, or even start a global animal rescue association, this is the most borderless domain ending out there! So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get your website a .global domain!

Already have your perfect .global domain in mind? 

*Prices in USD.