Starting October 1, 2021, GandiCloud VPS invoicing switches to post-payment to give you greater flexibility.

How does post-payment on GandiCloud VPS work?

GandiCloud VPS users will now be invoiced at the end of each month, and no longer in advance, as has been the case up to now. This development, which has been in the works for the last few months, is intended to offer greater flexibility in using GandiCloud VPS resources. It’s now possible to be invoiced by the hour for the resources your GandiCloud VPS uses.

For those who use monthly invoicing, this doesn’t change anything at all for you, prices will remain the same.

General functioning of GandiCloud VPS post-payment

Usage of resources is calculated based on a standardized 672 hours (28 days) per month. This means that a server with a configuration that doesn’t change will pay the same in February (whether 28 or 29 days) as in January (with 31 days).

We’ll send the invoice for your GandiCloud usage on the first of each month, and will process the payment automatically if the payment method associated to your account is valid. If the payment fails, you have 48 hours to add a new, valid payment method, or to manually pay the invoice.


If you’re a new GandiCloud VPS customer and you want to create your first V-R1 server on January 13 at 12:01 AM and create no other resource that month, on February 1:

  • The total usage of this server will have been 18 days, or 432 hours
  • The hourly price of this configuration (including IPv4 and 25 GB of storage space) is approximately $0.008928571
  • The invoice on February 1 will be 432 x $0.008928571 = $3.857142672, which rounds to $3.86

If you’re satisfied with this service and you decide to keep your server using the same configuration throughout the month of February, on March 1:

  • The total usage of this server will have been 28 days, or 672 hours
  • The March 1 invoice will be 672 x $0.008928571 = $5.999999712, which rounds out to $6.00

For more information, feel free to consult the service contract here:

What’s next?

Besides the fact that it provides greater flexibility in the resource usage currently available on GandiCloud, this billing model, which is much better suited for Cloud services, will enable us to offer new options and service more easily on GandiCloud.

From here until the end of 2021, snapshots should also go into production, then in 2022, object storage and private networks will further enrich the possibilities available on our platform.