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Now .zuerich is entering the Early Access Period!

A yellow geographic representation of the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland on a purple background with many, small pink Swiss flags

The Early Access Period for .zuerich begins 22 November 2021 02h00 (Paris) and goes through 2 December 2021 01h59 (Paris). In this phase, the registration price will decrease each of the following 10 subsequent days.

  • 1st phase: November 22, 2021 to November 23, 2021: $14,171.02*
  • 2nd phase: November 23, 2021 to November 24, 2021: $9,464.65*
  • 3rd phase: November 24, 2021 to November 25, 2021: $6,640.82*
  • 4th phase: November 25, 2021 to November 26, 2021: $4,758.27*
  • 5th phase: November 26, 2021 to November 27, 2021: $2,875.72*
  • 6th phase: November 27, 2021 to November 28, 2021: $1,934.45*
  • 7th phase: November 28, 2021 to November 29, 2021: $1,463.81*
  • 8th phase: November 29, 2021 to November 30, 2021: $899.04*
  • 9th phase: November 30, 2021 to December 1, 2021: $616.66*
  • 10th phase: December 1, 2021 to December 2, 2021: $334.28*

All phases begin at 6:00:00 AM Pacific (14:00:00 UTC) and end at 5:59:59 AM Pacific (13:59:59 UTC).

See the prices, terms, and conditions on the dedicated .zuerich page.

Why should you register a .zuerich domain name during the EAP phase?

There are some basic rules for choosing a perfect domain name for your website. The two most essential are that it should be meaningful and memorable, especially for a professional or business website.

By registering an official geo-TLD like .zuerich, you ensure that it will be easily remembered. That way, it will emphasize your geographical relationship with the city of Zurich which is also an effective way for your website to build organic trust with the customers.

Domains ending in .zuerich are open to:

  • Registered companies or organizations with registration in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich and administrative offices in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Public-law entities or organization with administrative offices in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Associations, competence centers, or similar organizations with administrative offices in the Canton of Zurich, without registration, but working primarily and during a long period for public-law entities in the Canton of Zurich. (Confirmation required).

More importantly, as the statistic shows, the rate of successfully registration of a strategic and highly sought-after domain name will go down significantly immediately after the Sunrise phase period. That’s why we highly reccomend you do a risk assessment of the domain names you wish to register and apply for them before the EAP phase ends in order to ensure an optimal outcome.

Remember, this phase only lasts 10 days, and as the price drops, there will be less choice for your website. So if you are any of the entities mentioned above, now is the best opportunity for you to register a .zuerich domain name!

Join the amazing history of Zurich by registering a .zuerich domain name for your website now!

*Prices in USD.