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Gandi’s public API is now out of Beta!

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In April, we reported on the progress we’ve made further developing our public v5 API.

To recap, in addition to extending the API’s coverage, particularly the LiveDNS API, we set ourselves a couple of benchmarks before we would take the “beta” tag off of the new API, including:

  • A sandbox environment enabling users to more effectively test apps
  • Documentation improvements, including adding appendixes

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made all the necessary improvements, the sandbox environment is in production, and we fleshed out our documentation further.

See the changelog for the most recent updates.

Gandi API sandbox environment

One of the exciting elements we brought into production in the last few months has been the API sandbox. The Sandbox environment offers a great way to test out scripts, try out complex workflows, and in general test your use of our API before going live.

Read our complete Sandbox environment documentation

Anyone with a Gandi account can use the public API and the sandbox environment. To start using the sandbox environment, you need to generate a key. Even if you already have a public API key, you’ll need to generate one for the sandbox environment as well. While anyone can use our API and sandbox environment, both are particularly suited for resellers and other high-sales-volume customers looking to integrate their own enterprise applications with Gandi’s services.

API Documentation

In terms of our API documentation, we’ve added appendixes listing usable values for countries, domain extra-parameters, and contact extra-parameters.

We have also added a new section to help XML RPC API users with the process of switching to the REST API.

You can find our Public API documentation at

API out of beta

This year we’ve made incredible progress on our public API and we’re happy to be able to bring it out of beta and into full production.

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