Updates and releases

November 2021 release note – What’s new in your Gandi interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

Welcome to Gandi’s November 2021 release: a look back at the latest improvements, corrections, and implementations of new features developed this month, all to improve your experience as a user of our products.

This month’s updates:

Activate single sign-on

Connect to Gandi using your company’s login system.

Limit access to users who have activated the SAML feature on their accounts.

For the moment, this feature is limited to our Gandi Corporate service for major accounts.

  • Activate the SAML feature
  • Manage your users and your teams
  • Activate strict mode
Screenshot of the Single Sign-on via SAML page in Gandi's interface.
Animation of a screencast showing how to configure SSO access via SAML in the Gandi interface

Activate “rescue” mode and retake control of your VPS servers

You can now activate “rescue” mode on your VPS server.
This mode enables you to restart your server usin a specific image in order to carry out necessary operations in complete security.

Animation of a screencast showing how to activate rescue mode in the Gandi VPS interface

PHP 8.1 is now available on Simple Hosting instances

You now have the ability to create web hosting instances that use PHP 8.1.

Take advantage of the latest PHP version on your websites.

Animation of a screencast showing how to create a new Gandi Simple Hosting instance that uses PHP 8.1 in Gandi's interface

Quickly access your preferences from our shop

We have moved certain preferences to a more appropriate section in the page header.
You can now easily access them by clicking on the gear wheel icon next to your username.

Screenshot illustrating the location of the gear wheel icon in the header of Gandi's shop page
  • Change your language preference
  • Choose the country for which the pricing (especially taxes) apply
  • Select the organization to which the pricing is applied (for example to benefit from a higher pricing tier)
Animation of a screencast demonstrating how to change user preferences including language, country, currency, and tax in Gandi's interface