Starting 1 December 2021 02h00 (Paris), .zuerich is entering the GoLive phase, which means it will soon open for anyone that meets the general eligibility conditions to register at the standard price of $107.58* per year.

See the prices, terms, and conditions on the dedicated .zuerich page.

What are the eligibility requirements for .zuerich domain names?

Domain registrations for .zuerich are now open to:

  • Any registered company or organization with a registration in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich and an administrative office in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Any public-law entity or organization with an administrative office in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Any association, competence center, or similar organization with an administrative office in the Canton of Zurich, without registration, but working mainly and during a long period for a public-law entity in the Canton of Zurich. (Confirmation required).

You will need to provide your company (UID) number or specify you are a public entity/association in order to complete your domain name registration. Then, your registration request will be manually reviewed and validated by the registry. Our Customer care team will contact you if the registry requires any additional information or document to validate your registration.

What can you do with a .zuerich domain?

As .zuerich enters the GoLive phase, .zuerich domain names will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Besides eligibility conditions, there’s no other limitation for getting a .zuerich domain name for your website. This is why we encourage you to register a .zuerich domain name sooner rather than later in order to increase the chances of getting the perfect domain name for your website — and at the same take advantage of all the benefits of using .zuerich as the domain ending for your of your brand!

Whether you’re in the jewelry, food, or beauty industries, or if you’re running a supermarket franchise or a popular online shop, you can further expand your brand name’s reputation by registering a .zuerich domain name. Theemost efficient way to earn the trust of your website users, gain organic traffic, and above all, improve the SEO ranking is also registering a relevant domain name like .zuerich!

Don’t waste a second longer and register your .zuerich domain!

*Prices in USD.