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The Gandi Advent Calendar: a new kind of social media event for Gandi

From December 1 through December 24, a Gandi Advent Calendar event for Gandi’s social media followers is taking place on the following social media channels:

🟦 Facebook FR

🟪 Instagram FR/EN

🟦 Facebook US

🟦 Facebook Asia

🟪 Instagram Asia

What’s new about this event?

This event has a nice new aspect to it: cumulative points. Each day we ask a new question for our followers, who can accumulate points by answering.

A correct answer earns you 10 points, while an incorrect answer still wins you 1 point just for playing. Depending on your location and whether you rise to the top of the rankings by the end of the month, you could win:

  • One of 5 Oculus Quest 2 128 GB VR headsets
  • One of 6 Game Boy color consoles,
  • One of 6 Fujifilm Insta Mini 11 cameras
  • One of 10 Game and Watch Super Mario Bros consoles
  • One of 25 Gandi hoodies
  • One of 50 Gandi t-shirts
  • Any number of the hundreds of free domain name registration coupons for .art, .org,. me, .site, .online, .tech, and .store domain names! 🎉

In case of a tie in the final number of total points, we’ll choose winners through a random drawing.

Don’t miss forget to spread the holiday spirit and share this game with your friends and family!