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Now .day is in the Early Access Period!


As of 25 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) and going through 1 February 2022 03h59 (Paris), .day is available for registration in the Early Access Period. You can maximize your chances of registering the domain(s) you want during this period, so don’t delay!

Registration in this period is divided into 7 distinct phases. Each day, .day enters a new Early Access Period phase, and the price decreases. Once the Early Access Period ends and .day enters the final release phase — GoLive — the regular price of .day will be $15.55* per year in Grid A, including for every subsequent year of a .day domain registered during the Early Access Period.

The schedule and registration fee of each phase will be as listed below:

  • EAP phase 1: From 25 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 26 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $10,064.93*
  • EAP phase 2: From 26 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 27 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $3,061.43*
  • EAP phase 3: From 27 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 28 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $1,060.43*
  • EAP phase 4: From 28 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 29 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $360.08*
  • EAP phase 5: From 29 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 30 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $360.08*
  • EAP phase 6: From 30 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 31 January 2022 03h59 (Paris): $159.98*
  • EAP phase 7: From 31 January 2022 04h00 (Paris) to 1 February 2022 03h59 (Paris): $159.98*

Read more about .day prices and terms and conditions.

Why you should register your domains in the Early Access Period

The Sunrise registration period is reserved for trademark owners registered through the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). In addition, since there is no particular eligibility requirement for registering .day domains, anyone can get one for themselves once the Sunrise phase is over.

Though the registration fee will be lower in the GoLive phase, you’ll have more competitors and less chance to get desirable domains. Hence, it’s very important to get the ones you like in the Early Access Period phase.

Who should register .day domains?

The .day domain ending is intended for celebrating a birth.day, wedding.day, and any other special occasion. If you are a marketer or an event organizer, .day is the best choice for you to start a webpage!

Lastly, please note that the only condition for .day domain registrants is the requirement to implement SSL/TLS on their sites. We provide a free SSL certificate for the first year for all domains registered at Gandi and 2 free email mailboxes with 3 GB of storage each.

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Get your .day today?

*Prices listed in USD