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Price increase on 11 second-level .fr domains starting February 1, 2022

The Promopixel registry has notified Gandi of an increase in domain name registration prices for 11 second-level .fr domains starting .

We are aware that this price increase will have a negative impact. However, Gandi unfortunately has no other choice but to pass on the price increase. For more information, we recommend that you read this article on the real cost of a domain name and what’s included.

Here’s a list of the impacted domains:

Here is the future pricing starting 31 January 2022 11h00 (Paris):

Creation: $21.85* (currently $17.48*)

Renewal: $21.85* (currently $17.48*)

Transfer: $18.52* (currently $14.81*)

Owner change: $21.85* (currently $17.48*)

We strongly encourage you to renew your domain names before January 31, 2022 in order to take full advantage of the current price for the longest period possible.

*Prices listed in USD.