You can now register .day domain names for the standard price in the GoLive phase! Starting 1 February 2022 04h00 (Paris), .day domains are available for all for $15.55* per year at A rates.

See the full pricing structure for .day domains on our dedicated information page.

What can you do with a .day?

Intended for celebrating a special day, you could get a .day for someone’s birthday, a wedding, or a company anniversary. With a .day domain, you can share this special moment with your customers and make that .day unforgettable and permanent.

Note that everyone can register .day domain(s) in GoLive phase, so get the name you like now to maximize your chance and avoid falling victim to cybersquatting.

Terms and Conditions

The .day domain ending has no particular eligibility requirements, but HTTPS is required for all websites. Gandi offers a free SSL certificate for the first year for any domain name registered with us.

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Make your day better with .day?

*Prices in USD