Updates and releases

March 2022 release note – What’s new in your Gandi interface?

An old-fashioned computer terminal printing out a page with the Gandi logo, representing the latest updates to Gandi's platform in our release note

It’s time for the March Gandi release note, your roundup of the latest improvements, corrections, and implementation of new features to improve your experience as a user.

New this month:

Improved visibility for add-on products at check-out

When you add a product to your shopping cart, we suggest the best options to enhance your choice and better see the ways Gandi’s services complement one another.
We make our suggestions based on their relevance to your shopping cart, and according to any promotions that we think might are timely based on your purchase.

Simplified buyer journey and automated WordPress installation

Getting a WordPress website online has become both quick and easy.

You can now choose your hosting pack and the domain name you want to deploy your WordPress on directly from your checkout.

Everything is automated, and deploys on its own, and we directly secure your address with HTTPS.

Once purchased, you no longer have to wait for your WordPress to be ready to focus on your work: adapting it according to your needs.

You can follow the installation steps from the app.

Snapshots available on GandiCloud VPS

Snapshots are available in the GandiCloud VPS app.

A snapshot is a locally stocked image of the data contained in a volume.

Don’t wait to make a copy of your volumes to be restored later.

  • Create a snapshot in a few seconds
  • View snapshots of a volume in a dedicated list
  • Delete a snapshot as simply as you created it

And since one good thing leads to another, we have also implemented automatic snapshots.

Activating this option will automatically create:

  • one snapshot every 24 hours, saved for 7 days
  • one snapshot every month, saved every 3 months

Snapshots do not constitute a backup since they are stored on your volume.

Trustee services now available when transferring a domain name

You now have the ability to choose the “Trustee” option if you need to when transferring a domain name to Gandi. This option is billed separately from your domain name’s base price.

Emails visible in the notification center

We recently introduced our new notification center, where you can subscribe to newsletters, choose HTML or plaintext format for receiving these emails, as well as adjust the choice of message received according to the lifecycle of your products, organizations, and permissions.

We also added the option to view the content of these emails, so that you can get a better idea of what they contain and see if they may be relevant to your use.

That way you can unsubscribe or re-subscribe to notifications related to your products’ lifecycle at Gandi.

Two-factor authentication displayed on the Sharing tab

See whether or not two-factor authentication is activated on every account that has acces to your domain name. Verify that the members of an organization have secured their accounts and that your products are protected.