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Domains ending in .ong and .ngo will now be sold separately

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The PIR registry has notified Gandi that .ong and .ngo domain names will now be managed independently starting June 1, 2022. This decision was motivated by a desire to enable NGOs to more easily manage their brands and to have greater flexibility in using the most appropriate domain name according to the country in which the organization is active.

We have reflected this change in our own domain name catalog.

What will be the impact of the .ngo + .ong bundle no longer being required?

This decision won’t have a direct impact on your domain names since continuity is assured:

  • Owners of .ngo and .ong will keep their two domain names until the next time they are up for renewal
  • When next you renew:
    • only renew one of the two domain names
    • renew both domain names
  • This modification will not impact your billing: the unit selling price (in grid A) of a .ong and .ngo domain name has been fixed at $28.70* starting June 1, 2022, half the price of a .ngo + .ong bundle ($57.40*)

If you need help or you have other questions, feel free to contact our Customer care team at https://help.gandi.net/.

*Prices listed in USD.