The release 2.1.0 of the Gandi Terraform provider has been published. This release adds new features and fixes several issues. We want to thank all go-gandi contributors who made this release (adriamanu, erbridge, net-expertise, robbyoconnor, and taoufik07).

New features of Gandi Terraform 2.1.0

  • The mutable attribute has been added on the livedns_records resource. When this attribute is set to true, some elements in the TXT value list can be managed outside of Terraform. This allows bots to add entries to a TXT record managed by the Gandi Terraform provider: these entries won’t be removed by the next terraform apply!   
  • The go-gandi community now has a nice logo!
go-gandi community logo
The go-gandi community logo

Major bug fixes of Gandi Terraform 2.1.0    

  • When a record has been manually removed (from the web UI for instance), the provider now recreates it (merge request).
  • When importing a domain resource, the provider no longer imports nameservers when LiveDNS is enabled on the domain: LiveDNS manages the nameservers and they can be updated by Gandi without any user intervention, leading to Terraform state inconsistencies.

For more information about supported Gandi resources, please refer to the full provider documentation.

Note the first release of this provider has been published in January 2022.

Our GandiCloud VPS servers, based on OpenStack, can also be managed using Terraform. The OpenStack and Gandi Terraform providers can be used together to deploy your whole infrastructure, from domain names to servers.