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Gandi and PIR : shared values

gandi PIR shared values

A domain registrar acts as the direct contact with the end customer of a domain name. They get accredited by various domain name registries according to which domain extensions they want to sell. In the case of Gandi and Public Interest Registry (PIR), though, this relationship goes beyond the commercial.

Gandi started with a desire to offer access to domain names to the greatest number of people and has always worked to facilitate the online presence of concrete, open, and alternative projects, especially non-profits and NGOs.

Gandi’s relationship with PIR, “the people behind .org,” was a natural Ffit. PIR, is itself a non-profit organization committed to providing a stable online platform to enable people to do good things. , then, Working with PIR, we are through implementing affordable options for .org, but also other domain extensions like .ong/.ngo and now .gives, .foundation, .charity, and .giving. These options are all geared to supporting mission-driven organizations, individuals, and business grow online so they can continue to have a positive impact in their communities. 

This convergence of commitments also becomes concrete with PIR’s involvement in hen PIR supports the work that Gandi does to help projects that need support, in particular by partnering with the Gandi Social Club

Finally, Gandi is committed to this desire to support non-profits and NGOs by taking part in award ceremonies like the Org Impact Awards which serves to significantly help several organizations at an international scale. In their 4 year’s the .ORG Impact Awards have recognized countless .ORGs that are fighting climate change, promoting education, and much more. 

Gandi and PIR share the conviction that it’s possible to build big things beyond transactional relationships, and by allowing for the expression of good will, everyone wins, in tech and beyond.