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PHP 8.2 now available: what’s new in this update?

The logo in dark blue superimposed over the PHP 8 logo (a stylized figure 8 in black and white), on a neon green background

On December, 2022, a major release of the PHP language, PHP 8.2, has been released. This update is available on Gandi’s hosting products.

Let’s review PHP 8.2 new features that caught our attention.

What’s new in PHP 8.2

PHP 8.2 release provides performance improvements and many new features such as:

  • readonly classes
  • null, false et true as stand-alone types
  • a new “Random” extension providing a new object-oriented API to generate random number
  • disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) Types allowing to combine union and intersection types

Gandi’s input

For more information on how to migrate code to PHP 8.2, you can refer to the official documentation (and for those preferring a french version, we contributed to the french translation of these release notes).

And to actually host code with a PHP 8.2 interpreter, you can use our Web Hosting offer.