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Price reduction and new Sunrise period for .forum

.FORUM is available in Sunrise phase

In November 2020 we announced the beginning of the Sunrise period for registrations of .forum domain names.

Today we are happy to inform you of a new opening for this extension. Domains in .forum are now available at a much lower price, with its new Sunrise period running from 12 April 2023 04h00 (Paris) to 10 May 2023 03h59 (Paris).

Priority registration period for .forum

An interesting particularity for this new launch: the Sunrise period is usually only available to holders of trademarks registered with TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse), but here anyone can register them this time! The domains are attributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To verify the availability of a domain in .forum, go to

The Sunrise period goes from 12 April 2023 04h00 (Paris) to 10 May 2023 03h59 (Paris).

.forum relaunch dates

  • Sunrise: from 12 April 2023 04h00 (Paris) to 10 May 2023 03h59 (Paris)
  • EAP: from 10 May 2023 04h00 (Paris) to 17 May 2023 03h59 (Paris)
  • General availability: à partir du 17 May 2023 04h00 (Paris) for €47.18 under A rates

The prices for each period will be communicated soon – stay tuned!

Why register a domain in .forum?

In Roman times, forums were where people assembled to discuss public issues.
Today, forums still exist, and are places where various debates or discourse are held, either in person or online.

A domain name ending in .forum is therefore a great choice in building an online space where people can gather together to exchange thoughts, ideas, and interests.

The health crisis due to COVID highlighted the importance of online forums, which represent connection, communication, and inclusion. A website in .forum immediately tells you its goal of bringing people together for the exchange of information.

Registering a .forum domain name is a great step in building your community, to humanize the communication of your brand or business, lighten the load on customer service for frequent requests, gather feedback and comments from your visitors, and contribute to the improvement of your search engine ranking.

Gandi Corporate Services recommendation

The registration of a .forum domain name and the creation of a corresponding website should, as mentioned above, be part of a business strategy. The .forum extension is new top level domain that is among those created since the end of 2013.

In order to protect your trademark, we recommend taking advantage of these significantly reduced prices to register your domain name before someone else does!
The .forum registry has not set out any special eligibility conditions, which means that .forum domains are open to everyone: anybody can register a .forum domain name.

For more information, you can contact our small business team directly at
If you are a customer of Gandi’s Corporate Services, we ask that you see with your dedicated account manager at Gandi or contact