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Malaysia: .MY is now open to everyone

Recent changes introduced by the Malaysian registry have made it easier for companies with no presence in Malaysia to register a .MY domain name.

The strict allocation criteria requiring a local presence has been eased, allowing the extension to be more available.

This initiative opens up new opportunities for international companies who wish to have an online presence through the use of the .MY domain names.

Key points:

  • Geographical restriction lifted: Registration of .MY domain names is now open to all, with no longer any requirement to be physically located in Malaysia.
  • First come, first served: Be proactive. Secure the domain name of your choice now!

This removal of restrictions only concerns the .MY extension. COM.MY remains reserved for Malaysian entities, as do IDN registrations (Jawi, Chinese, and Tamil) in .my.

Are you a company looking to expand online, or are an international organisation seeking visibility in Malaysia?

Now is the perfect time to register your .MY domain.

Our team of experts will help you along your journey.