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The .music extension will be available from September 11th

The DotMusic registry has announced the launch of a new extension. The long-awaited .music will be available from September 11th 2023.
The extension will initially launch by offering . MUSIC domain names exclusively to trademark holders registered with the TMCH. The launch will end on April 4th 2024, which marks the start of general availability for the extension.

What is the .music extension?

The .music domain is aimed at the music community and industry. The aim of this extension, which is supported by thousands of music-related organisations, is to provide a way for professionals and amateurs to create and develop a secure, verified and trustworthy online presence.
.music aims to provide musicians and professionals with a means of reaching fans directly to promoting cultural diversity and music education, as well as defending their rights.

.music launch calendar

  • TMCH Sunrise – September 11 to November 15, 2023
  • Limited Registration Period (LRP) from October 16, 2023 to March 10, 2024
  • General availability: from April 1, 2024 onward

Who can register a .music domain name?

Only legitimate members of the global music community are eligible to register a .music domain name. Holders of .music domain names must agree to abide by certain rules designed to protect copyright, prevent cybersquatting and combat piracy.

Gandi Corporate Services

Music occupies a influencial place within the exponential digitalization of products and services.This extension has been eagerly awaited, so its launch phase will be crucial. If you’re a music professional, the .music extension will identify you as a recognized and established member of this community. Even if the risks of cybersquatting are contained thanks to the strict admission policy implemented by the registry, it’s in your best interest to position yourself on this extension.

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