If you have a project involving artificial intelligence or an automated service involving robots, this is certainly the extension you’ve been waiting for. The extension .BOT has just arrived and is now ready to boost all your domain name ideas.

.BOT, a new extension launched by Amazon Registry

With this new addition, Amazon Registry continues the expansion of its catalog of domain extensions, this time to meet the demands of developers, companies, and organizations using automated interaction systems. Bots are everywhere, and they too deserve their own dedicated domain names.

Above all, this new extension provides you the opportunity to give your project a short, punchy name that is unambiguous about the nature of your service:

  • A .BOT confirms your legitimacy as an expert in the field of artificiel intelligence and bots.
  • You can run your project with great confidence thanks to .BOT, Amazon Registry is a solid player in the online economy.
  • By choosing a .BOT domain, you’ll have a wide range of domain names available. You can choose the best way for your users to easily access your project.

Register your .BOT domain name today

Bots are all the rage now, and they certainly will be for the foreseeable future. But if you wait too long, you will miss out on the the domain name of your dreams. So don’t delay and register it today!