Updates and releases

Launch of .food on January 24, 2024

A good website is one that makes you hungry. Food now has its own extension thanks to the Internet Naming Co registry. You’ll no longer have to specify in your domain name that your product is edible: .food will remove any ambiguity. 

The sphere that .food can encompass goes beyond restaurants and recipes, however. Food is an industry, an art, a culture, a way to travel, and an essential component of not only our health, but also that of our pets. It’s one of the pillars of our lives and certainly one of our main topics of conversation. 

By associating your name or brand with .food, you’ll make it a point of reference in this vast field, and further establish your online presence. .food is designed to welcome all stakeholders in this vast sector, and you’ll want to be one of them.

Be among the first to register your domain name with this new extension, either during the Sunrise phase, if your trademark is registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), or during the Early Access phase prior to General Availability.

.food launch schedule

PhaseStarting dateEnding DateDescription
SunriseJanuary 24 2024February 28 2024TMCH-registered trademark holders
EAP (Early Access Phase)February 28 2024March 6 2024Open to all at decreasing rates
General Availabilityas of March 6 2024Open to all on a “first come, first served” basis.

Contact now the Gandi Corporate Services team to register your .food domain name.