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Public Interest Registry: extensions for mission-driven organizations

Whether your project is rooted in your commitment and generosity, or in your desire to have a positive impact on the world, make it known with your domain name, and at a lower cost.

Public Interest Registry, the people behind “.org”, offer a range of options to help you express the essence of your online project as accurately as possible. In addition to the classic .org extension, .foundation, .charity, .giving and .gives offer a wide range of possibilities for rallying support around your associative or philanthropic project, and promoting its efforts.

The PIR registry, itself a non-profit organization, has developed a veritable domain name extension network centered around .org, with over 16 million domain names in use. Shorter, more memorable and relevant domain names to describe your project(s) are certainly available with these alternative extensions, ideal for your charitable foundation or association project.

A wider range of available domain names and the possibility of sending your visitors a clear message about your project’s aims – these are just a few of the good reasons to take a look at the options offered by PIR. The extensions – .org, .foundation, .charity, .gives, .giving – are currently on special offer, so that your project’s launch is as streamlined as possible. If ever there was a time to get started, it’s now.

A registry offering a wealth of extensions

Whether you’re raising funds for medical research, education or any other cause close to your heart, a .foundation domain is a great way to add value to your philanthropic mission.

Register a .foundation domain name

A .charity domain is for individuals and organizations engaged in philanthropy, charitable giving, charitable fundraising and other initiatives to support those less fortunate.

Register a .charity domain name

Our world is full of worthy causes, and the .gives and .giving domain names make it possible to bring attention to them. Whether for an established non-profit organization or for a special fund-raising event, donors will know that their contribution will go to the causes that matter most to them.

Register a .giving domain name

Register a .gives domain name

Choose the name of your association and make it a domain name that your members, donors and all those who follow your work can easily remember and use.