FR-SD3 is now in Beta

02.27.2017 - written by

The next step towards the grand opening of our new data center in Paris

New datacenter for hosting services in Paris

01.11.2017 - written by

Our brand new datacenter FR-SD3 is now available for tests in Alpha.

About hosting at Gandi in 2017

12.30.2016 - written by

We share some thoughts and news about hosting at Gandi for 2017.

Gandi Flex – End of Life

12.30.2016 - written by

Gandi Flex will be progressively stopped in 2017.

Xen maintenance operation cancelled

12.20.2016 - written by

We will use an alternative solution

Xen vulnerability identified (December 2016)

12.13.2016 - written by

We'll stop/start your IaaS servers and update Xen

Discovery of a Xen vulnerability (November 2016)

11.15.2016 - written by

Certain IaaS servers need to be stopped and started

Baltimore Datacenter closure December 1, 2016

07.27.2016 - written by

We suggest migrating your data to another of our datacenters

Reboot of certain IaaS servers after discovery of Xen vulnerability

07.21.2016 - written by

Certain IaaS servers will be stop/started following revelations of a new Xen vulnerability