Choose Cozy Cloud, your data’s online protector

Jun 8, 2020  - written by

Install Cozy on a Gandi Simple Hosting instance and start using this open source, personal cloud ...

Spin the Lottery.Wheel!

Jun 2, 2020  - written by is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020. For this occasion, Gandi is running severa...

Learn to code with Django Girls Paris

May 7, 2020  - written by

Gandi supports the Django Girls Paris organization in order to support the development of women i...

Don’t touch my .org!

May 6, 2020  - written by

ICANN has now officially rejected the request to sell .org to the investment fund Ethos Capital!

Introducing Refer a friend, your referral program

Apr 28, 2020  - written by

For our 20th anniversary, we want to thank you for your loyalty with a new program: Refer a friend.

How to backup your website

Apr 11, 2020  - written by

Different actions to take to backup your website on Simple Hosting.

SPECIAL COVID-19 REPORT: information you should know!

Apr 2, 2020  - written by

While all Gandi teams are mobilized to ensure the continuity of your services, we want to go furt...

For our 20th Anniversary, Gandi supports Reconnect

Mar 12, 2020  - written by

For our 20th anniversary, we’re shining a spotlight on our Gandi Supports partners. These p...

Gandi’s 20 year celebration continues: get ready to play!

Mar 12, 2020  - written by

The Gandi 20th year adventure continues—Here we are on the eve of the second stage in our 20th an...